PR & Promotions

Maric Media offers established bands, labels and promoters various publicity and promotions packages to suit their individual needs. From bio and press release writing, to promoting a one off event all the way up to a full domestic or international PR campaign for an album release or tour involving top tier media and marketing strategies.

Maric Media can also advise and help arrange for the local or global distribution of your release for retail sale.

In 2020, PR is more than just sending press releases for news stories, and servicing singles and albums to the media for review and vying for placement with them, (although that still needs to happen). Careful strategy is required so that your noise is heard above the other non-stop noise coming in from every angle.

You would be amazed at how many acts either have no information about themselves or they have too much. No one cares that Steve and Dave met at high school and Dave’s uncle’s best mate's brother had a drum kit so he joined the band and you started play..... save it for the book! A bio needs to be short and sweet; convey your message clearly and outline who you are, where you’re from, what you’re about and what’s coming up for you. If you need help putting your story into words, while you concentrate on writing the songs, we can write your bio.

Maric Media sends out dozens of press releases every week. From major tour announcements, to new label signings, to an underground band releasing their music video, every conceivable kind of ‘presser’ has been written and serviced countless times. While it may seem like a simple thing, a good press release much like a bio needs to convey the message clearly and succinctly. It can be the difference between getting your message covered in the press or sent to the trash. Maric Media understands that not all media are created equal and writing for the audience is a learned skill. We know what to say and how to say it to the right people to get your message read.

Release strategies can vary significantly depending on the client. Singles, EP’s and Albums are all still commonplace but the promotion plan around them can be a basic ‘service’ or a total 'shock and awe' campaign with a marketing budget to match. Maric Media’s Black Book is decades in the making and covers everyone from Morning TV to the newest rock show on community radio in the outback. DIY servicing tends to hit ALL media regardless of their focus and that's just spamming and doesn’t end well for you.

Maric Media will prepare and service your new release to the appropriate media outlets so the right people are targeted and will work with you on a considered marketing campaign to complement the publicity. A solid campaign needs both PR and Advertising to break through the noise.

Maric Media has been working with tour promoters at all levels since the beginning. Whilst major companies have their own internal marketing strategies and customer databases, indie promoters often don’t have those resources so a different approach is sometimes necessary. Beyond the ‘PR’ of promoting a tour, Maric Media can assist all aspects of an indie tour. If you need help, ask.