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Over 22 years of experience in promoting New Acts, Established Artists, Labels, Tour Promoters & more


Maric Media is an Australian based, globally focused music and entertainment company, run by industry veteran Chris Maric specialising in Artist Services, skilled PR campaigns, Consultancy and Advice. Utilising over 22 years of experience working with clients at all levels, from garage bands to the worlds biggest music promoters and festivals, Maric Media is well placed in the industry to offer a range of customised services.


Not quite ready for a full PR campaign? We offer industry advice to emerging musicians, businesses and entertainment outlets.

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PR & Promotions

Ready for a full PR Campaign? We provide established bands, labels and promoters with various packages to suit all needs.

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Artist Services

A Major Label experience without the major hassle. DSP's & Physical Distribution, Marketing, Back End set up and more.

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Since 1998, Chris Maric has continued to build his career and reputation whilst working with some of the worlds biggest music companies and artists. Various roles such as Publicity, Artist Relations, Marketing and Radio Manager have given Chris high level and broad hands-on industry experience. With the added insight from years of long nights in dark venues and endless miles on the road, Chris incorporated his vast range of skills and passion to launch Maric Media in April 2013.

Network TEN: National Publicist
Sony Music Australia: Promotions Manager for Epic Records & Artists Relations Manager for Sony Music
Universal Music Australia: Promotions Manager for NSW
EMI Music: TV & Radio Promotions Manager - Capital Records
Riot Entertainment: National Promotions & Artist Relations Manager
Maric Media: All of the above and more

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In reaching out to seek advice on how to improve upon our DIY promotional efforts we were wary, the horror stories about PR consultants are well known. It was a pleasant surprise to work with Chris, he's experienced enough to dispense with any BS but is genuine, personable and generous with his time. The advice was practical and things we could put into practice immediately. Most importantly Chris has a deep appreciation for heavy music so the advice comes from a place of wanting to help artists succeed. We would have no hesitation in working with Chris again or recommending him to any artist wanting to know how to improve their promotional skills. -"

Graveir - Feb, 2020Consult ClientGraveir

A big thanks to Maric Media for the grouse info! It is extremely eye opening to see the steps required to take any band to the next level & keep rising. Being a muso/songwriter, i’d never have thought of any of this. Awesome!"

Sithlord - Feb 2020Consult ClientSithlord

Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He truly cares about the clients he associates with and is more than willing to bounce ideas around to make sure they get the most out of his services. With plenty of years of experience under his belt, you can be sure you'll be looked after right with what Maric Media has to offer."

Paul 'Browny' Brown - April 2020Owner/Editorial Manager for Wall of SoundWall Of Sound

Having known Chris for a number of years through his PR services, it was a real eye opener and a true insight into how the music industry really works when taking on a consultation session to help our business grow. The end game is always to succeed while helping others at the same time and Chris definitely has all those points covered, whether you are a musician, artist or just a business owner in general. Definitely recommend Maric Media for those that want to take that serious step to the next level."

Andrew Massie - The Rock Pit - May 2020Editor + Co-Owner of The Rock PitThe Rock Pit

That session was exactly what I was needing to get some inspiration and sage industry advice to really nail my point of difference and dive into some practical ways I can elevate Rock Lives Here to be THE home for the ROCK community here in Australia, as well as meaningfully support the bands and industry!   I’m ready to go out and kill it 😉 Scott"

Scott Smith - Rock Lives Here - May 2020Owner - Rock Lives HereRock Lives Here

"Chris at Maric Media is a top-notch publicist and artist marketing consultant. I've worked with Chris for quite a few years now and he's always been pleasant and professional to work with. I have seen him working with the worlds biggest clientele to the local up-and-coming artists and publications--either way he's there to support them. If you are in a rock or metal band you need to get your name out there! Chris is the man with the knowledge and know-how.""

Carl Neumann - June 2020Owner/Director of HEAVYHeavy Mag


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Doing some fundraising again - be great if you could help out!

The Eighth Of Spades - Global Virtual Ride
Riding 300km + From June 1-12 at Home To Raise Funds For Children’s Charities


For the last eight years the Heavy Metal Truants have been doing an annual charity cycle ride from London to the UK Download Festival set upon the hallowed heavy metal grounds of Castle Donington. Open to all, our charity ride has seen metal fans, bands, and industry types getting on their bikes and raising £681,500 (over $1.25 million AUD) in the process!

We were heartbroken to see Download Festival cancelling this year – a decision which we of course fully support. We weren’t happy to sit this year out though. Our chosen charities, all of which work hard to support children and young people, need our support now more than ever, so we’re calling on all metalheads from around the world to join us in the name of heavy metal.

As it’s the 40th anniversary of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, what better with which to honour Lemmy than to call it the Eighth Of Spades!

Chris Maric spoke to Heavy Metal Truants Co-Founder Alexander Milas about the event for his newly launched podcast, The Fourth Rune
Listen to it here

Watch My Promo Video Here


Australian music publicist Chris Maric is a three time veteran of the Heavy Metal Truants taking part in rides in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and personally raising over $8000 AUD for the HMT Charities!

The eighth annual Heavy Metal Truants ride, officially dubbed HMT VIII - The Eighth Of Spades in honour of its Motörhead connections, sees a global group of heavy music industry people come together to raise money for these children’s charities. Nordoff Robbins, Teenage Cancer Trust & Childline and new addition, Save The Children.

Agents, managers, promoters, other publicists, record labels, media organisations, and artists alike, plus members of the public have signed up for the gruelling challenge. 

Due to the ‘ride from home’ option this year, HMT has seen over 350 people from around the world sign up and collectively raise over £60 000 before the official start date!

There is no minimum donation threshold for riders to reach this year, but riders and walkers are encouraged to raise as much as they can.

Between June 1 and in the run-up to June 12, the weekend of Virtual Download Festival, we want you to get in the saddle and join us on a virtual ride, walk or run. Just your legs, or anything with pedals which you can log on Strava is fine – actual bikes, smart trainers, or simple exercise bikes: if you can log the miles on Strava, you can join the challenge.

If you are going outside on a real bike though we ask that you do so safely and according to government guidelines! 
This isn’t about the distance – it’s about the fundraising, and anyone who completes the minimum distance is automatically entered into the roll-call of legends known as the Heavy Metal Truants, but there are always a few maniacs who want to take it a little further, so with that in mind…

The Road Crew: 175 miles (280km)
…or the precise distance between Hammersmith and Donington, taking in the metal sites of East London before venturing out into the British hinterland, and the average mileage for the first seven HMT rides.

The Bomber333 miles (533km)
Because anyone who knows anything about Lemmy knows that he loved a double

Overkill666 miles (1066km)
because every party, gig, and indeed bike ride always has to have that guy or girl who takes it that much further..

The Snaggler Challenge: 35 mile Walk (56km)
It’s come to our attention that due to current circumstances a few people don’t have access to a contraption with pedals, so we’re adding a walking, running or rolling challenge to the mix! Starting with the rest of us on June 1st you will need to walk, jog or run 35 miles before June 12th. Sure, you might be a little slower than cyclists but we refuse to call you stragglers. In honour of Motörhead’s famous mascot, we’re calling this the Snaggler challenge.

Registration is open until June 9 if you are interested in taking part, please go to

If you are able to spare anything at all to help Chris reach his goal, please donate via his donation page (link above)

The Usual Journey
Day 1: London to Luton 90km
Day 2: Luton to Leicester 145km
Day 3: Leicester to Donington 55km

The 2020 Journey
June 1: Lounge Room Ride Of Zwift for a couple of hours
June 2: Ride around the block a few times
June 3: Maybe a bit maybe not
Repeat till June 6
June 7: My 43rd Birthday - To Ride or Not To Ride?
June 10: Realise I have a lot of miles to catch up on to reach the target
June 12: Rest easy knowing I smashed it or spend the day pedalling into the night
June 13: Massage...

It won't be easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.
The Heavy Metal Truants are convinced that if there's any community out there who'll answer the call to help kids in need, it's people like you!


Heavy Metal Truants is the world's first Heavy Metal Charity Bicycle Ride, The brain child of former Metal Hammer editor-in-chief Alexander Milas and Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood. It’s three days, 185 miles and lots of metal! In short, it's about the brother and sisterhood of Metal uniting around some very worthy causes - in this case, Nordoff Robbins, Teenage Cancer Trust, and Childline, to raise money for children who need it most.
Charity Charity Charity